40 March in Holyoke

About 40 people marched in Holyoke in a snow storm on December 20. They were protesting the failure of state and federal politicians to pass laws that probably could have saved the life of Jonas Nuñez, a fifteen year old who was murdered with a gun on December 12 in Holyoke. Libby Hernandez is a member of the Holyoke city council. She organized the march. On December 21 Hernandez told the Valley Post better mental health care, more and better jobs, and better schools likely could have prevented the tragedy.

50 Mile March to End in Springfield

People will march 50 miles over four days, ending at a rally in Springfield on August 26. The goal is stronger gun control laws. The march starts in Worcester, Massachusetts. "We're taking inspiration from the 54-mile Selma to Montgomery march for civil rights," Zoe Grover told the Valley Post. She is one of the march organizers, and the director of a Massachusetts-based group that has a web site at www.StopHandgunViolence.org. The public is invited to join the march for the final half-mile, or for any part of it.