Four Day March to Stop Pipeline Starts March 17

A four day march to stop a proposed fracked gas pipeline starts March 17. The march will start about 30 miles west of Northampton, in Windsor, Massachusetts. It ends near Greenfield in Northfield, Massachusetts. The public is invited to attend part or all of the 53 mile march. Organizers are offering free food and places to sleep for the marchers. They are also seeking donations.

The march has been endorsed by More information about the pipeline is at

As of February 23, the march Facebook page said 37 people were planning to attend:

Marchers are required to register in advance at:

Fracked gas causes climate change, which the world's leading scientists say is a major threat to earth's ability to support human life.

Fracked gas is used to generate electricity and heat buildings. Assuming they are equally well insulated, it's much more efficient to heat multi-family homes than single-family homes. In New York City, millionaires live in apartment buildings.

Protecting farmland and forestland from development encourages people to live in multi-family homes near Amtrak stations and on roads where local buses pass frequently, and bicycle paths and sidewalks exist. The USA is losing an average of 6,000 acres of open space every day, according to

Land trusts in the Valley are saving farmland and forestland. Links to their web sites are at

“People who live in cities use only about half as much electricity as people who don’t,” according to this 2004 New Yorker magazine article:

More information about the movement to stop the pipeline is at:

Fracked gas is mined by Exxon Mobil corporation. The CEO of Exxon Mobil makes about $40 million a year. Exxon Mobil received $6.2 billion in subsidies from taxpayers in the USA between 2010 and 2012. That's according to


Thank you, Eesha Williams!

Thank you so much for covering this event, Eesha Williams!

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