Hundreds March

On March 15 in Springfield about 50 people attended a rally calling on politicians to pass stronger gun control laws. The first photo, below, shows the rally. James Debney is CEO of gun maker Smith & Wesson, which is based in Springfield. The photo is by Liz Steinhauser. To enlarge the photo, click on it, then scroll down and click “see full size image.” The two groups that organized the rally have web sites at and

In other news from the Valley, on March 15 in Brattleboro there were three rallies to demand that politicians do more to stop climate change. Organizer Lucy Congleton, a student at the Brattleboro high school, told the Valley Post, "It went really well." Abigail Mnookin works for the Vermont chapter of She estimated there were 75 people at the morning and midday rallies and 125 at the afternoon rally. The below photo shows the afternoon rally. Marco Yunga Tacuri took the photo.

The same day, a group of people from the Pioneer Valley traveled to Boston for a rally for the same cause. Among the group was Saraphina Forman, a 10th grader at Northampton high school. She told the Valley Post in a phone interview, “We had over 1,500 people at the rally. It was inspiring. We won't stop fighting until our demands are met.”

The same day in Amherst, more than 200 middle and high school students walked out of class to march for climate action.

In other news from the Valley, on March 15 the Monadnock Conservancy announced it had permanently protected a 350 acre dairy farm in Westmoreland, New Hampshire. Westmoreland is about two miles from Brattleboro.

In other news from the Valley, on March 24 in Springfield there will be a march calling on the state to issue drivers' licenses to undocumented immigrants, which is something that Vermont already does. The march will start at 1:30 p.m. at Calhoun Park, 82 Jefferson Avenue. As of March 19, more than 75 people had RSVP'd. The rain date is March 31. Details are at:

In other news from the Valley, on March 20 in Chicopee, Massachusetts there will be a rally to support Stop & Shop workers who are fighting for justice. Chicopee borders Springfield and Holyoke. The rally will be at noon outside the Stop & Shop at 672 Memorial Drive. As of March 19, more than 70 people had RSVP'd. Details are at:

In other news from the Valley, there will be peace marches on March 20 and March 21. The first march is from Leverett, Massachusetts to the neighboring town of Amherst. The second is from Holyoke to Springfield. Details are at:


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