Seven Arrested

At least six people from the Pioneer Valley, and at least one from Brattleboro, were among 655 people arrested for non-violent civil disobedience outside the White House between October 11 and October 15. The protests were to call on Biden to do more about climate change. The six Pioneer Valley residents are Paki Wieland, Priscilla Lynch, Marty Nathan, Sofia Perrotto, Sue Donaldson, and Russ Vernon-Jones.

Marty Nathan told the Valley Post, “The coalition who organized it included a lot of young people, particularly young people of color, and particularly young indigenous people.” The coalition has a web site at

A woman who lives in Brattleboro also was arrested. The Valley Post will publish a quote from her on October 28.


In Greenfield on October 23 and October 30 there will be rallies calling on Greenfield residents to vote, “No on 1.” The rallies will be from 9 a.m. until noon at the corner of Federal and Main streets. Greenfield resident Al Norman runs a group that has a web site at Last month he told the Valley Post that if “question one” passes it will be harder for people in Greenfield to use petitions and referendums to over-rule the mayor and city council. This is the process Norman and others used to keep Walmart out of Greenfield, a victory that made national news headlines.


Activists are fighting a corporate scheme to cut down a forest to install New Hampshire's biggest collection of solar panels. The facility would be in Hinsdale, which borders Brattleboro. The activists say the panels should go on the roofs of big box stores instead. The activists have a web site at That web site has a link to the group's Facebook page, which lists a phone number.


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