Workers Unite

On August 12 Maeg Yosef told the Valley Post the 80 or so workers at the Trader Joe's supermarket in Hadley, Massachusetts are deciding on “their bargaining priorities so we can make sure everyone’s voice is heard.” On July 28, the federal government announced the results of a union election at the store. The workers won. Hadley borders Northampton. Yosef is a leader in the union. She has worked at the store for nearly 20 years. The workers have a web site at

After the workers decide their bargaining priorities, they will elect a committee of workers to negotiate a union contract. The Valley Post will update this article at least monthly until the workers have their first contract.


On August 15, Janet Sinclair told the Valley Post that about 110 people attended a rally in Turner's Falls, Massachusetts on August 13. The goal was to get politicians to do more to protect nature. Turner's Falls is a village in the town of Montague. Montague borders Greenfield. Sinclair is one of the rally organizers. They have a web site at


On August 13 Joe Markman told the Valley Post that, on August 11, the nurses at the Greenfield hospital voted to approve a new union contract. Markman works for the nurses' union, which has a web site at


About 35 people attended a peace rally in Greenfield on August 6. “It was great,” organizer Emily Greene told the Valley Post.


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