Officials Seek Help With Insects Threatening Valley Forests, Jobs

Officials are seeking volunteers to look out for two kinds of insects that could devastate the Valley’s forests and cost jobs in logging, maple syrup making, and related industries. The insects are the Asian longhorned beetle and the hemlock woolly adelgid.

Income from sustainable logging and maple syrup production often prevents land owners from having to sell their land for development.

Barbara Burns works for the Vermont Forestry Department. She told the Valley Post on August 31 that her agency is training volunteers to search for the two insects, especially in Brattleboro. In early August, about 20 people, including some citizen volunteers, spent a day looking for the bugs in Brattleboro. They searched parks and campgrounds, street trees, and wood shipping pallets at businesses. People are also needed to search forest land.

Asian longhorned beetles are now living in trees in and around Worcester, Mass.

For more information on volunteering, contact Burns at (802) 885-8821. Her agency is working with officials in Massachusetts and New Hampshire. Burns said the best web site for information on the Asian longhorned beetle is

Photos and other information about the hemlock woolly adelgid are at:

“Citizens could make a huge difference if they help us look out for these insects,” Burns said.


These photos show a tree that has been attacked by Asian longhorned beetles, and a male Asian longhorned beetle, which is about 1 inch long. The photos are from Click on the photos to enlarge them.


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