Northampton Company Mows Lawns With Sheep

A locally-owned company is offering sheep lawn mowing services in Northampton. The advantages of sheep over fossil fuel powered lawn mowers include: the animals are usually silent; they don’t emit lung cancer-causing air pollution; they fertilize the lawn; and they produce cheese, yogurt, wool, and meat.

One hour of gas-powered lawn mowing produces as much pollution as driving a car for four hours. That’s according to:

Dairy goats also work well for lawn mowing.

Best-selling books about how to raise as few as two sheep and/or goats are published by Storey, a company in western Massachusetts:

The Washington Post published an article about the Quiet Lawns project of a Vermont-based national group called the Noise Pollution Clearing House. A link to the article is at the group’s web site

A sheep farm near Keene sells solar powered electric fences for sheep and goats, and provides expert advice:

The fences won't injure people or animals and can easily be moved and taken down for the winter.

The Northampton sheep mowing company’s web site is:

This photo of sheep is from:


sheep mowing

I grew up in London after World War II. At that time Hyde Park--the big park in central London -- was entirely mown by sheep in large, moveable hurdles (fences). It was very peaceful for the sheep and we kids loved them.

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