Mount Holyoke Stirs

Among the colleges in the Valley, Mount Holyoke hasn't ranked at the top for student activism. That may be changing. On November 8 at 1 p.m., there will be a climate march from Abbey Chapel to... Read more »

Rally to Oust Trump

In Brattleboro on November 3 there will be a rally to call on congress to remove Trump from office. Among his likely crimes are sexually assaulting women, failing to pay taxes -- Trump is a... Read more »

Solidarity Success

Proving the power of collective action, a group of college students in Northampton scored a major victory against climate change. On October 18, Smith College announced it will stop buying stock... Read more »

Workers Unite

In Springfield on October 14, about 25 workers attended a rally outside their employer's office. They are paramedics and EMTs. They work for American Medical Response Corporation, a subsidiary of... Read more »

350 Acres Saved

On October 5 a land trust announced it had saved 350 acres of forestland in two towns that border Northampton. Kestrel Land Trust permanently protected the land in Westhampton and Williamsburg.... Read more »