Marriage Equality Vote is March 20 in Hinsdale

At the annual town meeting in Hinsdale, New Hampshire on March 20 townspeople will vote on a marriage equality question. Hinsdale is directly across the Connecticut river from Brattleboro.

In June 2009, New Hampshire became the sixth state to let gay people marry. Now opponents of marriage equality are using town meetings to try to overturn the June decision by the governor and state legislature.

What Now?

With the closing of big box stores in Brattleboro and Hinsdale, local environmentalists consider how to reuse sites in a greener, more economically responsible way

Four years ago, Home Depot opened a store in Brattleboro directly across the street from a locally owned hardware store. A citizens' group called BrattPower quickly formed to call for a boycott of the giant corporate chain. Members of the group stood outside the Home Depot holding "Shop Local" signs and talking to passersby about the importance of keeping their money in the community.